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Mitski | I Bet on Losing Dogs | AEA Sessions

Mitski performs I Bet On Losing Dogs on The AEA Sessions |

This installment of our AEA Sessions video series features New York-based singer-songwriter, Mitski, as she performs three songs from her 2016 album, ‘Puberty 2’.

Alone with her guitar and washed in a warm, orange glow, Mitski delivers dynamic performances that explore a range of texture and tone. In ‘My Body Is Made Of Crushed Little Stars’, she sings of youthful restlessness while her guitar roars with energy and ferocity. In contrast, her words of somber sympathy in ‘I Bet On Losing Dogs’ ring most true atop her delicate finger-picked guitar playing.

In these sessions, Mitski’s voice and guitar come together to create singular, evocative moments that linger in the mind. To best capture these moments, we rely on the simple, but effective combination of the near-field N22 and far-field, stereo R88.

Both Mitski’s vocal and guitar cab are recorded by the near-field NUVO N22, while the stereo R88 records the room. All tracks are without equalization or compression and the reverb is provided by a plate reverb unit.

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Performed by Mitski (

Directed and filmed by Ricky Chavez
Mixed by Alex Chaloff
Additional Camera operation by Merlin Showalter

Filmed and Recorded at Nest Recorders

This video features reverb.


N22 - R88 - RPQ500 Preamps


Vocal and Guitar Mic: AEA N22 - AEA RPQ500

Room mic: R88 - AEA RPQ500

Converters: Burl B2

DAW: Cubase @ 96k/24bit

The AEA sessions is a collaboration between filmmaker and recording engineer Alex Chaloff and AEA Microphones. The motivation behind this project is to pair highly stylized video with pristine audio to showcase some of the finest microphones and musicians in the world.

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